Occasional Papers

(OCC 55) China’s Twelth Five-Year Plan and its Implications to ASEAN Economies by Somsak Tambunlertchai and Aksornri Phanishsarn

Publish Date : August 2012
Author: Somsak Tambunlertchai and Aksornri Phanishsarn
ISBN: 978-983-9478-20-4
Pages: 24
Price: US$ 8.00


 One of the reasons why some ASEAN countries are watchful of China is the sheer size of its economy compared to theirs. The rise of China poses some concern to them. However, the ASEAN economies are resilient—they have successfully competed with various other developing regions, and have survived a number of economic crises in the past. Although the various concerns about the rise of China will not dissipate easily, a more positive attitude towards the rise of China would be more beneficial for ASEAN. The policy directions of the 12th FYP in China offer ample opportunities for the ASEAN countries and co-operation will be mutually beneficial.